Your Trusted Travel Buddy

Traveling to a foreign country can be daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the destination. From differences in cultures, languages, and currency, it can be a lot to take in. The key to a fuss-free vacation is simple–planning ahead! Continue reading “Your Trusted Travel Buddy”

Pocket WiFi for Multiple Devices

These days it’s a rarity for one to not have a portable electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop with Internet connectivity. Whether for work or leisure, our devices have become such an integral part of our lifestyles that many of us can’t imagine going a day without them. So what do you do when you’re on a holiday and don’t have access to your regular broadband subscription and mobile data carrier. Continue reading “Pocket WiFi for Multiple Devices”

10 Ways to Save Money When Traveling with Kids

Planning a family vacation for the mid-year school holiday?

Family vacations are a great way to expose the kids to other cultures and traditions, but it can easily burn a hole in your wallet. For a family of five, that means 5x the number of meals to buy 5x the number of flight tickets to book and 5x the headaches! Continue reading “10 Ways to Save Money When Traveling with Kids”

11 Essential Hacks for Traveling with a Young Child

Picture this: a five-year-old screaming while running around in circles with stains down his shirt, a mother cleaning up spilled food and scattered toys in an airport lounge, a father chasing after said child while waving travel documents in the air like a madman. A little extreme? Maybe, but also an entirely possible scenario when traveling with kids. Continue reading “11 Essential Hacks for Traveling with a Young Child”

6 Easy Ways to Stay Connected While Traveling

Many years ago…
Traveling involved having to decide which travel guidebooks to buy, navigating using a physical paper map, and making phone calls from a pay phone or hotel room. Continue reading “6 Easy Ways to Stay Connected While Traveling”

5 Main Attractions for Families in Singapore

Singapore is a culture-rich island off the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula on the Straits of Malacca. It has a population of five million people, and is a metropolitan melting pot of cultures that is sure to delight an adventurous family. With public transportation covering the entire city, it should be a breeze to bring the family along to any of the following attractions for your Singapore family holiday! Continue reading “5 Main Attractions for Families in Singapore”

Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations in Japan

Japan is an island nation famous for its dense cities, imperial palaces, thousands of beautiful shrines and temples, mountainous national parks, and delicious cuisine. Continue reading “Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations in Japan”

10 Tips for Finding Family-Friendly Hotels

When you’re on family vacation, we know you want to make sure your hotel is comfortable for you and your family. Even though you may spend more time outside the hotel, believe us: where you stay during you family vacation matters. Continue reading “10 Tips for Finding Family-Friendly Hotels”